7234 Lansdale St.; District Heights, MD; 20747  (301) 736-7872


First Baptist Church of District Heights discourages the irresponsible use of credit cards. We offer the opportunity to donate online by credit card as a convenience to those who manage their finances in an God-honoring way.


As a church, we believe that the first 10% of our income belongs to God. We encourage our members to exercise wise stewardship of their money and to trust God by tithing to the local church. Our tithes and offerings primarily go into our general fund in order to propagate the ministry of our church.


The Benevolence Fund is our system for the distribution of temporal aid to those in need. Our church is often approached by members of the church and the community for assistance in temporal needs (Housing; Utilities; Food; Clothing; Medical). This is made possible by the faithful giving of the members and friends of First Baptist Church of District Heights as they give (over and above their regular Tithe/Offering) to this fund.

Building Fund

The Building Fund is utilized for the standard upkeep of the church facilities, necessary renovations and improvements on the church facilities as well as acquirement of new church facilities.

Pastor's Love Offering

The Pastor’s Love Offering is a tangible opportunity for the members and friends of First Baptist Church of District Heights to show love and appreciation to our pastor (over and above their regular Tithe/Offering). The funds do not go directly to the pastor, but are placed into a fund that allows the pastor to acquire resources and continuing education to help him improve in his service to our church and community.

Guest Preacher

On occasion, we will be joined in worship by a guest pastor, preacher or missionary who will bless us by sharing God’s Word with us. We love to take the opportunity to sow back into the life and ministry of that minister.


If a member of First Baptist Church of District Heights would like to contribute to another ministry or purpose not specified above, they are free to do so by utilizing this line to identify the purpose of their offering.