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Pastor Bobby’s Brain Dump

  • I knew today was going to be incredible… But I didn’t know it would be THIS good!
  • I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks. With today being the first day of the NFL season and the Sunday after Labor Day (usually a high church attendance day), it was the perfect storm… And we made the most of it at The Heights!
  • For the 3rd time this year, we had a “Family & Friends Day.” I’ve been challenging our members to invite people to church today. The prize for the person who brought the most 1st time guests was a $100 Visa Gift Card.
  • We’ve done this 3 times this year and it works like a charm! People get so competitive. LOL.
  • Also, of the 3 times we’ve done this, this is the second time that the person gave the gift card back to the church because they were so excited & thankful just to have their family at church! Wow!
  • Taking advantage of the high excitement of the new football season we had football themes throughout the day. Including a tailgate party after worship with great food and great football games on the big screen!
  • I began a new series today entitled “Equipped,” and had been planning for week’s to do a visual illustration in full football equipment.
  • I pulled it off. Helmet, pants, ┬ápads, cleats, Under Armor padding, shoulder pads, gloves, eye black… Everything! Man, this message was SO MUCH FUN to preach.
  • The reaction of the people when I came from my office into the sanctuary was priceless. Members of our praise team had to hold in their laughter just to finish the song!
  • Shout out to Terry from District Heights Boys & Girls Club who let me borrow football equipment for today.
  • Today’s message was from the Ephesians 6 passage about the whole armor of God. “Walk out the door equipped for WAR.”
  • I get a huge rush seeing people get saved or rededicate themselves to Christ at the Heights. What a great response to the gospel today!
  • You can listen to the message by clicking here.┬áThe audio doesn’t really do it much justice. We’ll try to get the video up sometime soon.
  • Next week we’ll continue this series as we start breaking down the pieces of the armor. Bring a friend and meet me there.
  • What could make a great day greater? Yep, the Redskins handling the Saints in RGIII’s pro debut!
  • I travelled to Little Rock, Arkansas this week with Pastor Jenkins to celebrate the Pastoral installation of my friend Pastor Phillip Pointer at St. Mark Baptist Church. It was a great trip although I was exhausted when we got back.
  • Last Thursday was Part 2 of our Back to School Night Takeover. This time, we showed up at District Heights Elementary School to give away backpacks of free school supplies. What a great night. I’m so proud of our crew who turned out in great numbers to show love for our community.
  • My little brother Dillon is playing little league football for the same team that I played for when I was his age. Watching him play brings back so many memories.
  • Have a big week ahead with plenty of work to do. Hope you have a GREAT week. Remember to walk out the door equipped for WAR!

Love y’all!

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