7234 Lansdale St.; District Heights, MD; 20747  (301) 736-7872

Our History

In 1951, Dr. Julian Pope felt a calling to establish a church in the Nation’s Capital. The following year, he traveled to Washington and laid the groundwork for a new church. First Baptist Church of District Heights, was established and organized on July 9, 1952.

The first meeting was held in the home of James Barland in SouthEast Washington with 12 members present. Dr. Pope and the members of this new ministry worked tirelessly to build a strong church upon the model of the New Testament church.

Throughout its history, First Baptist Church of District Heights has been known for its strong emphasis on church planting and missions. It has been responsible for sending out missionaries that have established many of the churches within the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Association, such as First Baptist Church of Kingstown (Alexandria, VA), Marsh Road Baptist Church (Woodbridge, VA) and Friendship Baptist Church (New Holland, PA). First Baptist Church has also sent out and supported missionaries in several countries around the globe.

While the landscape of the District Heights has changed over the years, the missional focus of the church has not. Today, under the leadership of Dr. Bobby Manning, First Baptist Church of District Heights maintains its strong emphasis for both global and local missions, discipleship, and the clear teaching of God’s Word. Its focus is to Cultivate STRONG Christians through its various ministries and outreaches.